Investment opportunities in Bangladesh:
One of the key objectives of UKBCCI is to encourage trade and investment between the UK and Bangladesh. You will meet representatives from UK and Bangladesh government departments and businesses, providing access to over 300 company representatives with whom you can network and seek out opportunities.
We want your brand to be visible:
Visible and prominent at the event (from banners, coverage in the brochure, speeches and awards hand-outs by your company MDs and representatives to media coverage and inclusion of your products and publicity material in the goody bag etc), but also that the key messages being given out by UKBBCI align with yours.

The right marketing:
Our event will have an eclectic, across the board presence of business personnel so that your goals and any potential customer base can be gleaned and enhanced by those present in the audience. The marketing will be done via Print, Online - Social Media, Experiential and Digital.

The right demographic:

UKBCCI is about entrepreneurs but not just established ones - but also encouraging up and coming ones. So not only will you have attendees who are "seasoned" entrepreneurs that you will want to do business with, you will also want to meet and network with young and upcoming entrepreneurs at the event.

Meeting your charitable needs:

The UKBCCI directorship along with many of its members are highly philanthropic members of the British Bangladeshi community. If our charitable endeavours chime with yours, you would be sure to be welcomed as a sponsor to the event.