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About Apasen International 


Apasen International focuses on improving the lives of vulnerable people with learning disabilities, autism and other special needs in urban and rural communities in Bangladesh. We work with local partners and stakeholders to provide a range of services in health, education, and poverty reduction for children and adults with disabilities and reduce levels of discrimination and stigma. We advocate for the full inclusion of people with disabilities in society and provide information, advice, and support to families and carers.


Apasen International was established as an international not-for-profit organisation in 2013, in response to an urgent need to improve health and social care in Bangladesh. We draw on the considerable expertise of our sister organisation, Apasen, which is one of UK’s biggest diaspora-led charities with more than thirty years’ experience in the health and social care sector for people with learning disabilities, autism, and other special needs. At this moment, Apasen international is operating five centres all over Bangladesh to provide basic learning support to the vulnerable people. 


Apasen International and Phoenix have been working together to establish a sustainable model school in Sylhet for marginalised children with autism and neurodevelmental disorders. The establishment aims to reflect good practice in an environment that supports specialised learning. The formal inauguration of the special school will take place in September 2019 with a first pilot intake of pupils. One of the key objectives of the school is to offer a range of provision for vulnerable people diagnosed with autism including sensory and therapeutic interventions along with a multidisciplinary approach to pupil needs.


Apasen International Day Centre aims to act as both a community school and a health care service centre. Within a short period of time, the children are expected to make rapid improvements in their behaviour and abilities. This ground-breaking programme aims to build children’s confidence and their inner strength by promoting specialised learning and recreation activities, while also providing some respite for parents. Mahmud Hasan MBE, the Chief Executive of Apasen International, says:


‘‘In Bangladesh, there is a severe lack of medical infrastructure and skilled professionals needed to treat children and adolescents with these kinds of conditions. Apasen International has been set up to provide learning and medical supports to vulnerable children, as well as train teachers to build support activities into their curriculum. Our expert staff will work with parents and caregivers so they can recognise signs of distress in their children and provide comfort and support.’’

The UKBCCI are proud to support this charity at the 2019 Business Awards.

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