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Dear Mr Rashid,

Thank you, Iqbal and all your wonderful team at UKBCCI for an outstanding awards dinner on Sunday evening.

It was a privilege for me and Cobra to participate.

Everything about the evening was so special and the awards were truly
inspirational. As I said to you if it is possible, this time was even
more impressive than the last awards. You must be so proud of what you
have achieved with UKBCCI - such a wonderful initiative promoting trade,
business, and investments between the UK and Bangladesh both ways.

I bumped into James Cleverley in Parliament today and he told me how
much he enjoyed and appreciated the evening.

It is always a pleasure working and interacting with you and I look
forward to continuing to do so in the years to come.

With warmest regards and best wishes,

Chairman, Cobra Beer Partnership

Award Judge

Dear Bajloor Rashid Bahi,

It was a real pleasure to be there this year and see how the platform you have created is getting better and better every year. So many talented people under one roof celebrating business success.

I wish you and the directors all the very  best  for the magnificent job you are doing and the support you are giving to the new generation of business builders.

And we all thoroughly enjoyed the UKBCCI programme.

With kind regards

Dr Zoe Mandich

Award Judge  

Mr Bajloor Rashid MBE, President UK BCCI


Many thanks for your email.


I was about to send you a thank you note along with warm congratulations for delivering a wonderful event on 6th October. You bit me to it!


It indeed was a privilege to be one of the judges at UKBCCI Business & Entrepreneur Excellence Awards 2019 and get an opportunity to see the nominees and hear the winners and achievers and the speeches from you and others. They were all so insightful and inspiring! THANK YOU for your inspired vision and your continuous hard work to implement it.


The Gala Dinner was lavish and the eye-catching artistic performances were highly entertaining.


It was also encouraging to see the British Bangladeshis increasingly moving into diverse areas of entrepreneurship and excelling in them. Thank you for your energetic and valuable contribution towards positively changing the image of our community in Britain and beyond.


With very best wishes and kind regards to you, your colleagues and sponsors who made the event on 6th October something extraordinary to remember for a long time.


Yours sincerely


Nazia Khanum

Award Judge


Dr Nazia Khanum OBE DL

Director, Equality in Diversity CIC

Chair, United Nations Association-Luton

I would like to thank the UKBCCI for the recognition. The event was a truly wonderful evening, the UKBCCI are doing a fantastic job recognising the talent in our business & catering industry.

Best wishes,

Junaid Siraj



"I am honoured to have received this award from UKBCCI. The other finalists, Professor Shafi Ahmed and Nazia Khatun, have made outstanding contributions in their field of expertise and would have been worthy winners. I am delighted that the judges saw merit in my research on addressing global health challenges including the development of an innovative approach for removing arsenic from drinking water and identifying healthier and more nutritious varieties of Bangladeshi rice.  I have to dedicate this award to my parents and my late maternal grandparents who played a pivotal role in my development. Thanks also go to my wife and children who were always supportive and appreciated the importance of my research and busy life as an University professor.  Science and innovation is vital for successful business and addressing global challenges and it is great to see a UK Bangladeshi organisation giving this area the importance it deserves. The award dinner provided a wonderful opportunity to interact with people representing an amazing array of knowledge, expertise and experience."

All my best wishes






Professor Dr P.I. Haris PhD, FRSC, FRSPH
Faculty of Health & Life Sciences
De Montfort University
Leicester, LE1 9BH

We are very happy and honour to receive UKBCCi special Recognition Award. It doesn't matter how many times you win an award, it is always very special. I am grateful to my dear friend Bajloor Rashid MBE, Iqbal Ahmed OBE and all Directors for their unprecedented support and love. Thank you.


Nobab Uddin, Editor, Janomot Newsweekly




Nobab Uddin BSc, ICOB, MCIH, FGCC, MInst.LM

"Winning this Contribution to the Industry Award at the 2019 UK BCCI awards & gala at London Hilton Park Lane is such an honour for me to become a multi award winner. It means so much to be rewarded for your hard work by your own community. I would like to thank all of my good wishers, business clients and TV show viewers. Let’s hope for more success and I look forward to seeing you all at the 2020 awards!"




Property Manager & Valuer








Dear Mr Rashid,


I would like to congratulate you for hosting an outstanding event on 151h October 2017 at the London Hilton on Park Lane. The guests, including the many Members of Parliament, Bangladesh High Commissioner and other dignitaries, together with the Bangladeshi business community, were impressive indeed.

I must also compliment the flawlessly conducted programme, which was professional but had a personal

touch. Your opening address encapsulated the spirit of the UKBCCI Business & Entrepreneur Excellence Award


I hope to have the opportunity to see you when you are in Dhaka the next time.

Thank you once again for honouring me with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Warm regards,

Yours sincerely

Latifur Rahman

Chairman - Transcom Group

Dear Mr Rashid,

Thank you very much for your letter dated 19th October and your very kind words which I greatly appreciate.

It was a privilege for me, Samson and Cobra Beer to participate once again in the UKBCCI Annual Business and Entrepreneur Excellence Awards 2017 and Gala Dinner.

It was also a privilege for me to have been a judge. The nominees and the award winners were truly inspirational - not just an inspiration to the Bangladeshi community in the UK, but to the whole of the UK and Bangladesh.

The first awards last year were a resounding success and you have set a very high bar - many congratulations on having not only matched last year but raised the bar even higher!!

It was a wonderful opportunity to promote the UK Bangladesh collaboration on so many fronts. I would like to thank you personally for all your support always which I truly appreciate and value.

With many congratulations once again to you, Iqbal Ahmed and all your team.

With warmest regards and best wishes,

Lord Bilimoria


Cobra Beer

Dear Bajloor Bhai

It was wonderful to be part of the events for the UKBCCI Gala Dinner. It was a truly wonderful evening. Well done again to all the nominees,
winners and to the organisers.

Thank you also for passing on the photos - that was very kind of you

Warm wishes,


Ruzina Hasan | Head, Trade & Investment, Bangladesh


Dear Hussain,

Thank you very much for the great event and successful evening.

Now that you have asked for feedback I have few points to suggest as UKBCCI has  a major mission as an organisation for small as well as start-up and large organisation.

I think it would be good for judges to meet up before and discuss each candidate and share views, a agreements and disagreements, and collectively vote for no 1 for each category.
I think Judges need to sit together at the ceremony. And the winner for each category to be given a bit more time to explain why and how they got to where they are and share their thoughts and ideas and even be a mentor for others.

Otherwise, it was a great dinner and music and venue.

I also like to see more special events / workshops for start-ups in London and  developing more mentors from different sectors to help other guys..

We grow more by holding each other hands..

Kind Regards,

Dr Zoe Mandich

Dear Mr Hussain

Many thanks for inviting me to be a judge for your inaugural excellence awards. It was an honour and a privilege, and I was inspired by the
achievements of all the candidates.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your well organised and fast paced event which presented a positive and dynamic picture of the Bangladeshi community. First of all, we were impressed by the professionalism. It started on time and the whole event moved like clockwork. One of the people at my table commented approvingly that it was not running to 'Bangladeshi time.' When some speakers were inclined to talk for too long, they were politely hurried along by the presenter. It was a prestigious venue - that is important because it raises the profile of
the community. There was a real sense of excitement throughout the event. It was good that you had dignitaries from across the political
parties, so it was clearly a neutral but high profile occasion. The entertainment was high quality and reflected the diversity of modern
Britain. You had clearly tried to strike a progressive gender balance both on the platform and to some extent among the nominees, but it would
be good to see more female candidates in the future, The food was excellent. The people nominated for the awards represented an incredibly
wide range of entrepreneurship and it was especially encouraging to see so many young people.

I have no doubt that the excellent event last Saturday was the outcome of the impressive vision of Mr Bajloor Rashid MBE, President of BCCI,
and other Board members and it owes a lot to the hard work of the organisers. I would be grateful if you could kindly pass on my warm
congratulations to all of them.

With best wishes and kind regards

Nazia Khanum

Dr Nazia Khanum OBE DL
Director, Equality in Diversity



Dear Mr Rashid,


Thank you for my wonderful award. I thought the Dinner event was incredibly well organised and a huge success. What a fantastic venue. My award was a complete surprise but actually means a lot to me, especially at the start of my fledgling business where professional recognition really matters.To be honoured in front of my peers and my family was a privilege and has given me huge encouragement in striving to make my business a success."

Many thanks,