Rafael Choudhury

Rafael, a business savvy turnaround expert offering a unique global perspective, has an extensive contact base of business leaders and investors who have diverse interests and specialities, including intercontinental telecommunications systems, data centres and merchant banking. He has worked on major property developments specialising in sustainable housing projects across the UK and is also currently advising on several large scale commercial and ecological developments working with Specialist, Family and Sovereign Wealth funds.

Rafael is also working on The Eagle Project, a state of the art, superfast sub-sea fiber optic data cable to be built between Genoa, Italy to and Hong Kong, spanning 16,650 km.  The Eagle will have the ability to transmit 144 Terabytes of data per second between countries.  The Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) has partnered with Google LLC to deliver the project that will connect numerous countries along the route.

Upon hearing of the Eagle project, Rafael approached GCX and Google LLC to discuss the possibilities of connecting Bangladesh to the project and negotiated an exclusive agreement from them to take a Branch Unit of the Eagle into Bangladesh.  Once implemented this project will create thousands of jobs in Bangladesh, vastly enhance the IT infrastructure of Bangladesh and open the country to further largescale investment from the major global IT hyperscalers.

Rafael and his partners travelled to Bangladesh earlier this year to have high level talks with the Bangladesh Government to introduce them to the Eagle Project. The talks were successful, and the team are now pushing forward with implementing the Eagle into Bangladesh

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