Kazi Arif

Kazi Arif’s contribution to the property industry has been outstanding, and within the Bangladeshi community he is seen a somewhat of a pioneer of the property and media industry. Kazi has supported the community by offering free property related advice to anyone with questions or concerns. When he realised just how many people needed advice, he began working on a live TV property advice show that would change the way British Bengali's could receive property related information. His talk show has been running every week for over five years, where he allows members of his community to call in for free to ask questions, listen to any tips or advice, voice their concerns and share experiences. 

Kazi is an extremely successful entrepreneur and TV personality and was recognised for his outstanding contributions to media and the local community by being presented the British Bangladeshi, Who’s Who Outstanding Achievement Award in 2017. 

As well as providing these incredibly valuable services to the community, he also manages to run a thriving independent real estate agency based in the heart of Brick Lane, that has already won numerous awards including Best Independent Estate Agent – London. 

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