(Nominations are only being accepted for any business that commenced trading on or after
 1st April 2014)

Nominations are open from Monday 29th April 2019.


1. Best New Business

Demonstrating sound business and financial planning, success in overcoming challenges and meeting business objectives, this is a category for a dynamic new company.

2. Contribution to the Industry – Individual / Commercial

From manufacturing products to retail, industrial, an office based business and more, along with recognising the creativity, vision and dynamism of the individual and their leadership this award recognises a commercial business.

3.  Businesswoman of the Year

The business world is full of talented and dedicated female entrepreneurs This award category acknowledges and celebrates the epitome of woman’s success.

4.  Business Innovation

Taking business to new heights via creativity, technology or something quite different you do from your competitors, this category recognises new, exciting and innovative thinking.

5.  Young Entrepreneur of the Year

This award recognizes the passion and entrepreneurial zeal of young up and coming talent in a new business venture either in an existing and competitive field or whilst introducing a new product or service to the business market. 

6.  Entrepreneur of the Year

A role model to others, inspiring and motivating to many, this is an award which celebrates the spirit, achievements, success and acumen of an exceptional business orientated person. 

7. Inspirational Business Leader of the Year

A category celebrating an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the community and has inspired others to follow in the entrepreneurial footsteps.


8. Family Business of the Year

Demonstrate how the ownership structure and decision making amongst the family members guide the success and development of the business showcasing the involvement of current and future family.


9. Restaurateur of the Year

This award category recognises the achievements of a 'dynamic' individual who has changed the landscape of restaurant business with their innovative ideas, new design concept, flavoursome, well-presented food and excellent customer care.

* The awards categories below are not open for public nominations.


10. Special Recognition Award*

Recognising the achievements of a business leader who has shown both entrepreneurial skill and leadership in the course of an illustrious career.


11. UKBCCI Directors Choice Award*


12. Lifetime Achievement Award*

Consistently delivered in business and gone that extra mile, this is a category that celebrates an entrepreneur who has made an outstanding and lifelong contribution to business and industry.