Tasmin Lucia Khan

Tasmin Lucia-Khan is an Entrepreneur and Broadcaster with over 20 years of media and advertising experience.

One of her first start-ups was a television production company focused on television programming and advertising production, creating brand commercials for TV, print and digital media. After gaining extensive experience in TV content production, she made the successful transition from behind the camera to in-front, becoming a TV personality and national news anchor on the BBC and ITV in the UK, and NBC in the USA.

An Oxford graduate with a Masters degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Tasmin is a prolific entrepreneur starting her first business whilst studying at the University of Oxford. Her knack for identifying market opportunities combined with a deep understanding of technological solutions was the potent driving force behind all her ventures. In 2007, Tasmin partnered with a fellow Oxford graduate to become a founding team member of AdMaxim Inc., a media technology start-up based in the Silicon Valley. AdMaxim Inc. went on to become one of Europe’s leading mobile advertising agencies with an industry leading technology platform.


In 2015, Tasmin was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity in Hollywood to lead a film studio. She was appointed as the CEO of Wide Release, a film studio focused on producing motion pictures based on popular literary content. Virgin Media celebrated Tasmin’s achievements in Media and Business by naming her a “Global Pioneer” in 2017.

Tasmin now divides her time between her various portfolio companies and media engagements. Earlier in 2019, she was appointed Chief Strategy Officer for AdMaxim , opening its seventh office this year with 86 employees worldwide.

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