Uji Matcha Energy Drink

Developed by London Tea Exchange, using bioavailable Matcha and exotic fruit, Uji Matcha Energy is the very first true natural alternative to the Torin based energy drinks market and set to make a major impact in the health and wellbeing sector. 

The drink enhances the ability to concentrate over a period of hours an ensures alertness while remaining relaxed. It is ideal for anyone seeking to boost performance and has a truly wonderful taste. 

It has taken London Tea Exchange several years to develop the drink and is another first for the tea industry. No one has yet successfully developed a carbonated Matcha drink and the design and development of this drink is considered to be truly innovative. 

Uji Matcha Energy Drink has already been piloted in Sweden with huge success and is about to be launch in the UK and globally. The product is already being looked at by Asda, Sainbury’s, Tesco and other leading retailers